Things can get quite hectic right before the new school year begins. Normally, I would feel a bit overwhelmed around this time trying to pull everything together before the first day of school.

Lesson planning, setting up extra curricular classes, shopping, meal planning, organizing, de-cluttering, developing new routines/chore list, etc. All of that is on my plate when this time of year rolls around. It’s okay though 🙂 I actually believe I have a handle on it this time. Finding a system that works for your family might take a while, and that’s okay. I still don’t have a perfect system down, but what I do have works for now. Alright, I’m going to share some of the things that we do to prepare, some new ideas that we plan to implement , and I hope that you will share some of what you do in the comment box. I love swapping good ideas 🙂

Entry Way Table
I’m currently looking for a new entry table with drawers, and a bottom shelf. I will have three boxes underneath.  Two baskets for shoes , and one for book bags. Our jackets will be hung up on a coat tree along with the umbrellas. On the top of the table will be a space for our keys, my purse/his wallet, and hand sanitizer. I sure hope that this will prevent some of the clutter issues that tend to drive me close to insanity! For now I will use what I have until some “extra” money comes through.


Entry Table


School Clothes


I like to have everything folded, and put into an organizer before Monday. Each section of the organizer has a day labeled on it.The children can pull from it each day, and dress themselves in the morning. I love that! It helps me save time, and gives them the chance to be more independent.  


The children can reach everything that they would need to care for themselves. I encourage them to be as independent as possible. They have access to their soaps, wash cloths/sponges, tooth paste, tooth brushes, toilet paper refills, and so on. All I have to do is supervise. The troop can pretty much care for themselves correctly in the hygiene department.
The boys get a bath at night, and the oldest is the only one that showers in the morning.  That helps with time management on a school day. All of the showers are timed to save money.

Meal Planning

My budgeting skills are a work in progress in this department. It is challenging for me to spend as little as possible on our groceries. M-F I have additional mouths to feed…six of us, and our daycare babies. I have been blessed with friends/family who have passed on some awesome advice. Clipping coupons is my latest thing. Once I only spent a few cents on a package of pull- ups!!! That was freaking AWESOME. I was so very proud of myself that day. I had to tell everyone I came in contact with. I try to search for coupons, and plan our meals ahead of time before I hit the store. I’m also trying REALLY hard to stick to my grocery list. Even though an unexpected item might be on sale, you may have a coupon at home that will make it even cheaper 🙂 That’s what I tell myself whenever I feel like I’m about to stray off of my list.  I also have to mention I love using my crock pot. Thanks to our dear friend, Aisha who blessed me with my first one on our wedding day. It is so wonderful to get everything in the crock pot first thing in the morning, and have dinner done by dinner time. I don’t have to worry about cooking with children running around, or anything else. It does the cooking for me. Alright, here are some menus & websites I would like to share with you.

Kitchen Organization

Almost all of the cabinets in my kitchen have been labeled in the inside to help people find where items are, and to put things back in their rightful place

I also keep the children’s tableware within reach so that they can help set the table.

I have a section where I keep all of the dry snack items ready to be packed away in their individual baggies. This helps me pack lunches more efficiently.
The sandwiches & other cold items are made the night before by the children, and stored inside their lunch boxes in the fridge.

The dishwasher is unloaded as soon as it is done running, and a new load gets put in. I air dry everything on the counter tops. Who ever is on dish duty will hand dry them if they are still wet, and put them away.
I like to clean up after every meal, so there is less to do before the next meal time begins. Sometimes at night the kitchen doesn’t get completely clean, and I deal with it in the morning since I’m the first one up. I don’t like it when that happens though…not one bit lol

Chore Chart

I lOVE having a chore chart. It makes the children more responsible, and takes the burden of keeping house split amongst the people who reside together, so it isn’t too much. Keep it reasonable, and age appropriate. No one is too young to learn to how to help out the family. The youngest can surely put the toys that they play with away. It takes time to teach them, so be patient. I do switch it up, so that someone doesn’t get stuck cleaning toilets all of the time Lol You can have an “A” week chart and a “B”week chart to help rotate the chores around.

I like to have the children earn rewards for chores that are done in a timely manner, and done correctly.



My husband and I share a Google calendar. I love it. We get to see what each of us has planned for the month.  I also have a planner in my HouseHold Notebook, and during the school year I have a white dry erase board calendar hung up on the wall for the children to see. It helps us stay on top of the things that need to get done. I’m working hard on not having our monthly calendars over crowded. It’s a challenge for me. My goal is to have at least a weekend where there is absolutely NOTHING going on 🙂 That’s kind of tough when you have multiple children.


Bedtime Routine & Morning Routine

Sometimes the two run smoothly, and sometimes they don’t..Life


brush teeth
favorite SHORT story ( they always want to bring out the big ol Harry Potter type books)
good night!


Wake up

shower/wash up
morning chore
brush teeth
gather school items ( I place extra school items in an over the door organizer ) picture
time for school

We homeschool some of our children & run a daycare…That’s another blog all in its self. Lol I will get one up soon about our schedule & curriculum when I have some time


Household Notebook

This special notebook takes time to make. I haven’t completed mine just yet. It will have our family motto, a family written prayer, schedules, chore chart, how to clean checklist, monthly menus & take out menus, box tops, school supply list, grocery list of all the items we get on a regular basis along with what store sells those items for the cheapest unit price, important phone numbers, calendar, a card holder for all of our store cards, coupon section, and what ever else the thing will hold to help keep myself a bit more organized 🙂



Well, there it is! Some of the things that we do, and some new things we are trying to implement in our home to make this school year run a bit smoother. Have a safe & happy school year, Folks!

Oh, and please share some of your wonderful tips 🙂

Proverbs 24:3 Through wisdom is a house built; and by understanding it is established: 4 And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.



We thank you for helping us to make our houses into homes for our families. Homes that are warm and inviting. A place where we can feel safe & loved in. Give us the wisdom & knowledge that we need to run our homes, and care for our families in a godly manner.
We pray over our children,their teachers, principles,educators, and everyone else that will have a hand in their education this year. Give them a positive feeling when it comes to school, and help them to put forth their very best effort in all that they do. Please, place a hedge of protection around them, and let no weapon that form against them prosper.
Let Your light shine through us, and let Your will be done in our lives. Thank You for all that you have done, all that You are doing, and all that You are planning to do for us… Amen


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